Monday, 30 September 2019


Life has been quite manic over the past 5 months. It all started when I moved into a new phase of life and my free time was consumed by home renovations and tending to sore muscles. Then work picked up and I was bombarded with back to back large projects and I've been left feeling extremely tired.

I wonder if I am burnt out.

I am nearing my quota of bullshit. I know this because all these little things at work are making me more irritable than they should. Or perhaps it is justifiable frustration at people who shirk their responsibilities. Or just ... people.

My upcoming holiday is the light at the end of the tunnel; it is a reminder that this too shall pass.

I was paid a visit by some feisty birds a few months ago on a rare work from home day. I adore sulfur crested cockatoo as they have such a spunky personality compared to other birds. Well, maybe a little less adored by me when I see them selecting lemon from my dad's tree, nibbling it and then discarding the entire lemon before repeating the same process with another lemon!

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