Thursday, 10 October 2019

Lady Antebellum

Ever since I got my first "adult" job, music has taken a backseat in my life. Sure, I listen to music whilst I'm at work. However, it is to simply tune out my colleagues' chatter when I need to concentrate (ah the joys of an open plan office). I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks on my commute and haven't really connected to an artist for a quite a while.

It is fitting that the music that I have fallen back in love is from the same artist I was obsessed with right before I started my full-time job.

American Honey and Heart of the World were the defining songs of my South Australia road trip.

I have been obsessed with all three songs that Lady Antebellum have released from their new album. As they have mentioned, it is more similar to the style of their earlier albums (I wasn't a fan of their last album... at all).

This acoustic version ♥

There is a part of me that is bummed that I never saw them at their first and only show in Sydney; my then-boyfriend bought tickets and we broke up before the show. In hindsight, I also have no idea why I didn't just buy a ticket for myself... I suspect the cost was the deterrent (tbh even now I find concert tickets to be quite pricey).

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