Monday, 30 December 2019


Well, we've reached the end of this decade. I repeat. The end of this decade.

Now that is out of the way, below is an overview of 2019.


The demise of active blogs isn't a new phenomenon. However, the vast majority of blogs that I follow stopped posting regularly / at all this year which makes me a little sad.

Admittedly, I have also stopped posting as frequently. I have posted the least amount since I started this space 8 years ago. This was due to a myriad of factors:
  • I just wasn't doing anything as I was a homebody for most of the year.
  • I've lost some drive / passion for sharing aspects of my life.
  • My blog engagement / views have always been low but it decreased even more over the course of this year. It feels as though I'm speaking into the ether. Of course, this is the state my blog has always comfortably sat in, but Factor 2 has changed my mindset about posting.

Will I stop posting in 2020? I don't think so. But I do suspect the frequency will decrease further.


Earlier this year I had been dwelling about a specific friendship and Jess' post (Friendship: 7 lessons learned in my twenties) was the needed push to validate the equality of the friendship; it hadn't been a two way street for a few years. Well, I reached out and then was ghosted! I wasn't necessarily hurt, but more disappointed. #life

S. and I hit an important milestone (the big thing I mentioned in last year's recap).

My relationship with food has always been a little unbalanced. I want to be more aware of the food that I consume and to work through some odd tendencies that I have.


I finish off this year with a new boss. This means that I have had 4 bosses (well technically 3 since I went back to one for a short period) in the space of 2.5 years. How do I feel about it? A little tired. How do I feel about work overall? A little tired.

I am almost 1.5 years into my "new role" and think I've settled in, although frequently battle with the lovely "impostor syndrome".  I am aware that I work to live, but I was struggling a bit this year (and I foresee this will flow into next year). My pros are heavy on the company benefits and culture (so relaxed for a large corporate) and the cons ... well, I guess it also stems from the culture ultimately.


In 2020 I want to significantly reduce my credit card usage. Disclaimer: I don't have credit card debt and pay it off every month. However, as I want to be even stricter on my discretionary spending, I want to only use my credit card for select automatic transactions, i.e. public transport top-up, phone recharge and the yearly private health insurance premium. Whilst everyone is moving towards being cashless, I want to continue to use cash in my everyday life.


I was recommended a video from Bernadette Banner on my feed and her channel inspired me to make my very own chemise! It is machine stitched but finished by hand (which took forever but such a calming activity). This is the very first item of clothing I have made which makes me feel quite accomplished, despite the fact the sleeves are a little tight. I want to continue this sporadic hobby next year.

I have been obsessed with going to op shops (Vinnie's, Salvos, Red Cross) to trawl through the homewares. I have amassed a small vintage pyrex and Corningware collection and other items for the kitchen.

This year I also discovered the wonders of the slow cooker! It has been such a lifesaver and so convenient when prepping food for the week. It really can't get simpler than just chucking in a bunch of ingredients and letting it simmer away for 5 hours. I've also been quite into stocking up my freezer. Although I don't cook for the sole purpose of stocking up my freezer (aka Jammerill Stewart style, I inexplicably love her videos), I have made an effort to cook extra portions to save for future weeknight dinners.

This is the first year where I didn't set a Goodreads Reading Challenge and I finish off the year with 156 read books. I will continue to challenge myself to read more Australian authors.

I didn't have any real favourites, but a few that I quite enjoyed:

2020 looks to be another year of change.

See you all on the flipside.

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