Thursday, 26 December 2019

Beijing ii

One overnight train from Harbin and we were back in Beijing.

I wasn't a big fan of Beijing. I acknowledge that we stayed and explored the general vicinity of the Forbidden City. Blocks after blocks of ... well, not a whole lot, to be quite frank.

Tiananmen Square

We reached the entrance of Jingshan Park however realised we were 2RMB short. Cue the search for an ATM. A search that took us approximately 40 minutes.

Final meal. It was okay. 

Our flight from Beijing to Sydney was at 1am and we naively thought that we could kill time at the airport by using the free airport internet or by eating. Oddly enough, the terminal only had 4 eateries (!!) (quite expensive) and sadly, we couldn't connect to the WiFi as we did not have a functioning mobile number. Many hours spent reading ebooks that I did not enjoy *cough* An Ember in the Ashes series *cough*

Our flight path followed the Queensland coast which was absolutely stunning. Look at the turquoise coloured water!

No place like home

For an overview of my China trip refer to this post.

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