Monday, 9 December 2019


Is it embarrassing to admit that I didn't know much about Shanghai apart from pan fried pork buns, xiao long baos, the Bund and the fact it is a financial hub?

The older I get, the more I realise that I actually know so little about a lot of things.

7 hour train journey from Xi'an 

During my pre-holiday research, I learnt about the international settlements as well as the influx of European Jewish refugees during the 1930s The latter was something that I had absolutely no knowledge about.

In Shanghai we:

→ Ate lots of panfried buns.

→ Ate xiao long baos from Lin Long Fang.

→ Walked around the Bund.

→ Went to the Jewish Refugees Museum. The museum is housed in the former synagogue. It is quite small and the exhibits consist predominately of items donated by Jewish individuals who had lived in Shanghai temporarily before moving to USA, / Australia / Canada etc.

→ Wandered around the residential areas. There was a development site on almost every "block".

→ Visited a former abattoir 1933.

→ Meandered around the French Concession.


Lined up for scallion pancakes but abandoned the line after 20mins

→ Strolled through the Marriage Market in People's Park

→ Chuckled at the Woolworths private label pancake mix.

For an overview of my China trip refer to this post.

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