Saturday, 29 February 2020


Of droughts and flooding rains


It's been rough, recently. Remembering to be patient. To be kind to myself. To not get affected so easily. Wish it was easier to fall asleep, I feel that is the biggest indicator for me that something is amiss.

But one night, a summer thunderstorm was rolling across Sydney. A crazy thunderstorm. And standing on the covered balcony and watching the storm pass through, I felt so at peace. Happy? No, I don't think that's the right word. Perhaps unburdened. Free. It's reminiscent of the feeling in Tasmania, or I guess all those road trips that I used to go on.

Hand sanitiser anyone?


I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on Goodreads. Unintentionally, it became a website I checked far too often every day. Mindless scrolling. I also became a little overwhelmed with all the books that I wanted to read. Sounds a bit silly, aye? My intention is to use it ~ once a month (or at least not on a daily or weekly basis) and update all the books I've read in one go. Going back to basics.

Read:  7 (audiobooks) + 2 (physical)
Abandoned: 2 (audiobooks) + 1 (physical)
Favourite: Little Gods by Meng Jin

I finally finished The Persimmon Tree, a book that had sat unread on my shelf for the last 9 years. It's sentimental; the book I brought to the hospice.

I also ''unhauled" - aka donated - some of my books to the street library. Growing up, I longed to have a room filled to the brim with books. However, this isn't an aspiration of mine anymore and it simply contributed to my stuff.


I have been inexplicably obsessed (OBSESSED) with Kristen Stepp's What's for Dinner videos. They are definitely not the type of food I do or would like to cook on a regular basis. But I find her accent quite soothing to listen to, she doesn't talk for 5000 hours, her videos are less than 15 mins (when did it become the norm for 25+ min videos) and I guess, I'm a bit nosy! I've discovered quite a few dishes such as chicken and dumplings. And learnt that there is another version of dishes that I know; the Americanised version of goulash that includes elbow-shaped pasta and a pot pie that isn't really a pie but it is cooked in a pot.

On the topic of food, I have watched a lot of American and British YouTubers recently wih their grocery hauls (is this what it's like to be a proper adult? I remember watching makeup hauls back in the day) and I've noticed that the cost of food seems to be a lot lower than here in Australia. I suppose it should be noted the vast majority of produce in Australia is local (not imported) which also means with the droughts, bushfires and other natural disasters prices have and will continue to increase. But is that the reason why? I should probably Google this.


It feels as though the year started off fairly slow and I made an effort this month (and a lot of mental effort was required) to go out and explore more of Sydney. Or at least visit places that I had been to before.

A weekend trip to Scheyville National Park where we saw wild kangaroos.

Another weekend spent walking from Oatley to Como.

And a weekend catching up with my friend, walking the famous Coogee to Bondi coastal walk.

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