Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Wild Pear Cafe

The act of hating on the state of Sydney's public transport seems to be a popular pastime, especially on r/Sydney. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I genuinely don't believe it is as terrible as it is made out. Sure, there are cities with a better transportation system. But is it the worst? Far from it. And so off I went to catch public transport to Wild Pear Cafe. Yes, it took me 3 different transfers (bus - metro - bus) and understandably a lot simpler to drive to the cafe.

This cafe had been on my radar for years; back when I was more interested in the brunch scene and was more willing to part with $20+ for a dish.

I ordered a chai latte ($3.80) and sweet pea falafel ($23.90). I had contemplated ordering the signature milkshake - Rosewater milkshake topped with Persian fairy floss - but at $7.90 it was a little expensive.

poached eggs, grilled halloumi, avocado, fennel, fresh herbs & lemony yoghurt

My dish was really good and I am glad that I finally visited the cafe. Despite being in a salaried job, I still struggle to accept prices for brunch places. How do people afford this on a weekly basis?

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