Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Walt Disney World

A short overview of a once in a lifetime trip.

A free family trip to Walt Disney World. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) and visited each park, arriving when the park opened and leaving when it closed.

The unexpectedly cold weather (highs of 13 and lows of 3) that I had not prepared for. Layering all my t-shirts, long sleeves and dresses whilst trying to still look "cute" for all the family photos.

I used to be a massive Disney fan and like so many others, wanted to visit Disneyland and Disneyworld. But with the passing of time, I stopped being as interested.

I was surprised by how enthralled I became with the place, how quickly I drank the kool-aid and enjoyed being in such a magical place bubble. Watching the "Ever After" firework show at Magic Kingdom and feeling that warmth and belief that yes, really I can do anything and all I need to do is to dream and believe. It is kind of crazy (and scary) how effective the messaging is.

Yes, I am aware that Disney Corporation basically owns everything. But all that was forgotten upon seeing the characters (I know that these are staff earning minimum wage wearing a costume, but can someone explain to me why I felt so excited to see them?), being greeted by all the cast members with a smile, including security (firstly, never in my life has Security been friendly and secondly, never had anyone check my bag so thoroughly!). The customer service at Disney parks is impeccable.

This was also my first trip back to the US after my exchange semester many, many moons ago. It was surreal. And strange. A massive shop at the local Walmart, buying all the items that I was too poor to afford on my previous trip.

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