Thursday, 30 April 2020


Adventures in the kitchen

  • I finally cracked open my 28cm cast iron skillet last month and have been actively using the pan once a week to build up the seasoning. Now that I'm cooking with it, 28cm is actually a little too large. Embarrassingly, it had sat unopened for almost 10 months.
  • Canned another 2 x jars of stewed peaches.
  • Fresh Turkish bread (pide) and hot cross buns are amazing.
  • I caved and made dalgona coffee, whisked by hand. Not entirely sure why or how people on the internet complain that it takes 10mins+ to whisk when it only took a couple of minutes


  • My tickets to The Secret Garden Musical in August were cancelled.
  • I became re-obsessed with Grey's Anatomy for a week; watched 1.5 seasons in total. However, by 15x03, I just couldn't deal with it anymore. My favourite characters left in S14 (April and Arizona) and the only character I still liked (Amelia) had the most unrealistic multi-episode story arc, acting alongside someone who clearly could not act (Betty).
  • Favourite YouTube channel for this month is a tie between Let's Cook Y'all and Simple Living Alaska. 2020 seems to be the year of watching cooking videos, particularly YouTubers from the South.
  • Completed two 1000pc puzzles.


It was a slow reading month, mainly because of my short-lived Grey's Anatomy binge watching.

Read: 4 (audiobooks) + 2 (ebooks) = 6
Abandoned: 1 (audiobook) + 2 (ebooks) = 3
Favourite: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart - Holly Ringland

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