Friday 22 May 2020


Guys, the search is over. I finally found (well, ate) pączki in Sydney.

I first learnt about pączki a few years ago from a YouTuber from Michigan. This sparked a - somewhat ridiculous - search for it in Sydney. Although there are European delis / shops scattered around Sydney, (with the keyword being scattered) they tend to be German, Dutch or Italian. Oh, and I was adamant about not visiting the Polish cafe in the inner west because the prices were ridiculous. A quick Google search unearthed a few Polish shops and I began my search for the Polish filled doughnut.

My attempts have been as follows: Liverpool, Ashfield and then Liverpool (again, although undocumented, because I didn't think I needed another post about my failure).

Alas, a trip to Riverwood led me to the elusive item.

$3.50 @ Taste of Poland || filled with plum jam, topped with icing glaze

And it was great.

My next quest is to determine the difference between a Berliner, bismark and pączki.

A local park

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