Friday 3 December 2021

Seals on the South Coast

Narooma, NSW
360km from Sydney

Due to lockdown, our original 1.5 week roadtrip was stripped back to a 3 day long weekend down the coast.
It was the same week where BOM declared La Niña. A week where it rained every single day.
Pitstop at Bodalla Dairy with some questionable customer service from the person manning the ice cream section.

Australia Rock

Potato Point

Snorkelling with seals had been at the top of my "must do" list for a few years now. Despite the dreary sky, the raindrops that felt like pins in the wind snorkelling* with seals was an incredible experience.

* The wetsuits were so buoyant that treading water wasn't required and I was just floating for the entire duration of the trip. 

Pitstop at Bega. The Bega factory was closed due to COVID (and seemingly shut since March 2020), and the town was incredibly underwhelming.

Back in Sydney, the post holiday blues have hit me hard. And the best antidote (well distraction if I'm being honest) is to plan the next trip. Even pre-COVID, we had wanted to explore more of Australia. But with the fickle state borders, the desire to explore the places in NSW, the places that I had marked as "maybe someday", has only strengthened. But let's see what happens and how life unfolds.

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