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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Coats, Coats, Coats

Having a somewhat crummy day today after receiving some results that were considerably less than what I had hoped for. And what a better way to 'cope' than to do some online shopping -though in my situation, more along the lines of 'window shopping. It's odd though; I'm a terrible shopping partner in reality and yet I can spend hours upon hours online. Though I suppose it could be attributed to the mere fact that there is a lack of pushy sales assistants. The coats in the image are the ones that I adore and range from AUD$40 -$100 and I am in love with them. I guess, the look that I prefer is long sleeve with a flared bottom essentially because I'm a big fan of dresses and I think it looks more feminine. It's odd, this time last year I was obsessed with knitwear - oversized jumpers, cardigans- and yet this year, I am much prefering trench coat style outwear. I think it's incredibly cute when pairing the jacket with a dress or shirt + skirt combo, paired with over the knee socks and some flats or boots.
Thursday, 28 April 2011

One Language

I am in love with this bag from One Language; it is everything that I like in a bag: it's stylish yet casual, oversized so you  could practically fit anything into it, and most of all it's so pretty (I am especially in love with the handwriting lining). But at USD $110 not including tax and not including shipping, if I was to get it it would roughly amount to $140. Granted that it is the bag plus a laptop bag that is of a similar design, but it's still very much pricey and something that I could definitely not afford for myself. But it is so pretty and I really do wish I have the funds to buy it. Okay, that's a lie. I do have the funds but I can't justify the massive splurge on this bag. I mean, for that same amount of money I could practically buy a decent pair of leather boots. Oh well, perhaps I'll find a rich guy (isn't that what all girls want ... poor guys) who shall buy me this bag. Or a generous friend (though I have doubts).