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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Grounds of Alexandria

I completed my final exam today and it was horrible. In the earlier years of my degree, all the later year students raved about the benefits of picking your own electives and studying what you actually wanted to study. I have now completed 8 electives and only 1 has been worthwhile. The rest have been varying levels of disappointing and the subject that I completed my exam for today was just a joke. A complete joke. Who changes an exam from 3hrs to 2hrs only 30 minutes before the exam started without telling any of his students. Who examines material that wasn't covered in class. Just ridiculous.

After the dreadful exam, A. met up and we headed to the Grounds of Alexandria.










We didn't eat at the cafe as there were just so many people and it was so dark in there. There was also a surprisingly amount of people at The Grounds considering it was a Wednesday. Instead we ate at the Garden Bar. Well that was disappointing. I don't really expect to pay $13 for my burger + chips for it to simply taste as though the innards of a Maccas quarter pounder was placed between a generic white bread roll. Hmm.



We headed back to Manly for some Froyo (I always pick the worst flavours. I don't know how NY Cheesecake tasted even sweeter than vanilla) and watched the sunset.



Tuesday, 8 April 2014


The past few weeks have been quite stressful. Between applications for graduate jobs, studying for university, working 20 hours a week and trying to spend time with A., I have been quite stressed and overwhelmed to say the least. And so incredibly exhausted.

Sushi train by myself after a very long and unhappy day.

More sushi. Though this time it was with A.

Fridays are study dates where A. and I go to Lane Cove Library to study. And stress. This was a terrible cup of coffee; I am quite particular about my coffee and I am less forgiving when it takes 10 minutes for an incredibly bitter coffee without coffee art. Seriously.

Missing Atlanta, exchange and the carefree life there.

I just received an email from one of the organisations I applied for. The email stated that they received over 3600 applications for only 50 graduate positions, and within the 50, only 6 for my stream. Life is great. It is quite a terrible and sad thing to realise that everyone at university is simply your competitor. It really is a horrid way to live.

Just keep swimming.
Thursday, 13 June 2013


Thursday Morning
The day is too lovely to be holed up inside. But alas I am.

In the last 3 days, I have watched an entire season of 'Close to Home'. I used to love this show when it was on the air in 2005-2007. Now in hindsight, it is ridiculous. I like to call it as a form of 'productive procrastination'. I am watching the trial and applying Australian/ NSW law and I keep on saying things to the effect of, "no they can't do that!" and apply the knowledge that I have gained from my litigation and civil procedures course.

But alas, today is the last day before my law exam tomorrow morning and I have studied a little bit in the sun.

In other news, I am trying to wean myself from Google Reader as it is closing at the end of this month. Trying to move to Feedly but I am just so used to the layout of Google Reader! Also, the new layout of Flickr is aggravating.
Friday, 7 June 2013

Last Day

Last day of semester 1! It is quite exciting and yet also quite stressful. My first exam is next Friday and I am largely prepared for that. I still need to finish my final essay (hopefully I will have that finalised by tonight) and then to prepare for my two other exams. I am most concerned about federal constitutional law as my lecturer seems to be very much one of those people who 'likes what he likes'. Yesterday was quite a horrific day and the breaking point was when I had organised a lunch with uni friends. Not only did they ask me to leave my class early (dude, I organised it at 1pm for a reason and secondly it is the last day of that class ergo it is revision. Yeesh), but when we went to lunch they both said, 'sorry we already ate'. Wait what?! We are going for lunch together to eat together and you are telling me you already ate? I was quite mad and I went to the city and had lunch by myself.

The first time I went to this place was 3 years ago when someone from highschool took me there. It is basically my go to place. Not necessarily because it is cheap or the food is amazing but the location is quite convenient for people who have to catch a bus from Wynyard or catch the train from Town Hall. I always get the same thing: Tokyo style ramen. Although if I am with someone else, I always grab the gyoza as well.



Tokyo Ramen

Last week, Zespri were handing out gold kiwifruits in support of Macular Degeneration Awareness Week. It was probably the highlight of the week when the person dressed up as a kiwi fruit posed for a photo. They were not ripe yet so I finally got around to eating them recently. I do quite like gold kiwi fruits, they are so much sweeter than the normal one.


Gold Kiwi Fruit
Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Well the 30 day challenge feel to the wayside. Whoops. To be honest, the questions were getting quite dull and I am being swamped with university work. I have 1.5 weeks till the end of semester and 3.5 weeks until the end of my exams. I used to have a penpal from Singapore and for some reason she stopped writing back. Was I a bad penpal? I am not entirely sure. But alas, I have 3 letters ready to send out to new people overseas.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Midsemester Break

It is "mid-semester break" and I have been stuck at my study desk for around 11hrs a day for the past 3 days now. I have two important mid-semesters due in around a weeks time. On top of that, readings to do and applications to consider. Today was the first time I cracked open Photoshop for the first time in weeks. Editing photos is such a calming process and to think that all this started back when I was a 13 year old. How time has passed.



Wednesday, 7 March 2012


University is back into full-swing and the summer is officially over. This morning, there was an unexpected period of blue skies and I took the opportunity to take some photos at a spot I had wished to visit for some time now at my campus.


Naturally at dusk, the rain bucketed down and it was amusing watching people running who had been caught out by the rain.
Friday, 10 February 2012

The End of Summer

Main Walkway

For the duration of the summer break, I have been interning at my university's law centre and they are now drawing to a close. Despite my incessant complaints, this experience has been worthwhile; it has opened my eyes to the alternative paths that a law degree may offer. After three months of exposure to such an environment, I believe that it has confirmed my belief that this path is probably not one that I would pursue. I suppose it is in my nature to be pragmatic and cynical - although that may have been exacerabated due to the degree that I am studying- hence my discovery.

With only 2 weeks until university semester starts again, the summer has definitely gone by too fast. However I plan on spending it out next week and to visit places that I still have remaining on my 'to-do' list for summer 2011-2012.

However, for the remainder of this week I shall be spending it in front of my laptop, rewatching season 1 of House and doodling in my empty diary. In the end, I decided not to purchase a Moleskine and I regret it to a degree. The diary's paper is too thin as the ink from my favourite type of pen bleeds through the pages.

Hakuna Matata

.. just knowing the difference

Friday, 18 March 2011

Law Readings are Fun

It is Friday night and I am pretty excited about that. Not really doing anything worth blogging about - no sir, I am too anti-social for that. Well, I guess I am doing something which are my law readings/notes! Fun times. Not really. But I do quite like this subject purely because of the lecturer who makes everything so amusing and memorable and easy to learn. Spoon feeding is what he does which I really do love. So there is Lord Denning, a Justice and his judgements are always so incredibly amusing. Yes, I do know that it is hard to fully understand the humour if you aren't a law student, but compared to all other judgements, well, his writing is definitely memorable.
That theory was, of course, a fiction. No customer in a thousand ever read the conditions. If he had stopped to do so, he would have missed the train or the boat. None of those cases has any application to a ticket which is issued by an automatic machine. The customer pays his money and gets a ticket. He cannot refuse it. He cannot get his money back. He may protest to the machine, even swear at it; but it will remain unmoved. He is committed beyond recall.

That admission was properly made. I do not pause to enquire whether the exempting condition is void for unreasonableness. All I say is that it is so wide and so destructive of rights that the court should not hold any man bound by it unless it is drawn to his attention in the most explicit way … In order to give sufficient notice, it would need to be printed in red ink with a red hand pointing to it, or something equally startling.