Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dinner - Khao Thai

It is Father's Day today and until I met my husband-and-wife coworkers 2 years ago, I never knew that Father's Day wasn't the same day universally; it is the first Sunday of September in Australia and New Zealand whilst it is June in United States and Canada and well, the majority of other countries.

We went to dinner at Khao Thai with my family and my sister's BF / future brother-in-law. The place wasn't that great to be honest. I don't think I actually like Thai food despite eating it everytime I go out with friends. My camera isn't very good in low light despite the claims that Canon has made. It came out super grainy and well, maybe it would have looked better in another setting; trial and error.


'The Riddle'

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Manly Ferry

Living where I live, one of the activities that I enjoy doing more than anything else is to catch the Manly Ferry either back to where I live or to the CBD. There is something incredibly calming about the whole experience and then the view -of course- is amazing. 

Friday, 15 July 2011


Sydney. The place where I was born and the place where I have lived my entire life. It's so easy to forget the true beauty of the place when you have lived there for so long; easy to stop seeing the simple things. Just a few photos taken in the past month.

Grill'd at Crown Street

Two weekends ago, C and I were eager to satisfy our craving for real burgers (aka non Macca burgers) and Grill'd was our next place to cross off our list. Walking from Wynyard, it was a relatively short walk to Crown Street but then again, I normally drag my friends to walk everywhere.  C ordered a crispybacon and cheese burger whilst I ordered the mustard and pickled! burger.

And since I'm not a food blogger or photographer for that matter, I shall finish off this post with images and the aftermath (which always amuses me). Grill'd at Crown were celebrating their 1st anniversary and hence the cupcake at the end. And no, there wasn't two red icing piping, my friend didn't want to eat it but in the end I didn't eat it either; it tasted like red butter.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


In the fall semester of 2012, I embarked on a student exchange programme to Emory University in Georgia, USA. The places that I visited in North America:

I solo travelled around Europe for under a month and the places that I visited:

And a stop over on my back back to Sydney:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Collection of Photos from my Phone

I love to take photos of pretty much anything -it's how I help in documenting my day so that when I look back those memories just seem to flow back to me. A pretty random bunch of photos that span back a few months, a little odd things here and there.

A sandwich I made at work once. Salami (my love ♥) & shredded tasty cheese. Heaven! 
(But oh so bad for the thighs)

I'm a hoarder by nature and there is this Stationary Re-use Centre where people donate unwanted stationary so other students can take them for FREE! Free is good and I really cannot help myself. So hello pointless envelopes and redundant floppy disk.